Director ︎ Sean Cawelti
Writer ︎ Chelsea Sutton with Rogue Artists Ensemble
Composer ︎ Adrien Prevost
Scenic Design ︎ Francois-Pierre Couture, Matthew Hill
Costume Design ︎ Lori Meeker
Video Design ︎ Dallas Nichols
Lighting Design ︎ Joey Guthman
Puppet and Mark Design ︎ Sean Cawelti, Brian White, Christine Papalexis, Jack Pullman, Morgan Rebane and Greg Ballora

World Premiere
Rogue Artists Ensemble

Experience the Rogue’s modern macabre retelling of Carlo Collodi’s “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” In this world-premiere play for mature audiences, the cricket is killed, Blue haunts us all, and the legendary Dogfish monster preys on our greatest fears in the tumbledown tourist trap amusement park of Shoreside, where a little wooden puppet comes to life at the hands of the wood-maker Geppetto.

Wood Boy Dog Fish is a visual feast that combines masks, highly expressive physical performance, dance, interactive sets, multiple puppetry traditions, projected media, and sophisticated special effects and illusions – including 3D enhancement to recreate a scene inside an old carnival ride. Also included were an IMMERSIVE loby experience which transported audiences into the world of Shoreside, the fictional town in which the show was based.

Winner Best Puppet Design LA Stage Ovation Award 2017, Nominated for Multiple Awards

“A breathtaking feat of theater... wildly imaginative.... a dizzying fusion of sound, lights, puppets, masks and music... The Pinocchio puppet is a spectacular creation.” — Los Angeles Times

Wood Boy Dog Fish - Trailer 2018 from Rogue Artists Ensemble on Vimeo.


RECOMMENDEDSTAGE RAW TOP 10… a toy-box of visual wit” — Gray Palmer, Stage Raw

“MAD INVENTIVENESS… magically combines its [grim] vision with buoyant comedy and colorful spectacle… an overwhelming sensory feast… a dazzling romp through the dark side” — Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost

“SPECTACULAR... amazing visuals… a heartfelt illustration of the redemptive power of love.” — élan Dostal, Broadway World

“BLEW ME AWAY… delightfully dark in all the best ways… definitely one show you do not want to miss.” — Jeff Heimbuch, Horror Buzz

“A WILD AND ZANY RIDE… astounding costumes and masks, original music and phenomenal stage effects” — Ron Irwin, LA Splash

“FANTASTIC… UNIQUE… truly top notch” — Shannon McGrew, Nightmarish Conjurings

“ROCKS… the audience is engulfed in a transcendental miasma of sights and sounds.” — Michael Sheehan, On Stage Los Angeles

Wood Boy Dog Fish - Official Trailer from Rogue Artists Ensemble on Vimeo.