Director/ Developed by ︎ Sean Cawelti
Writters ︎ Diana Burbano, Tom Jacobson, Chelsea Sutton with Rogue Artists Ensemble
Composer ︎ Adrien Prevost
Scenic Design ︎ Matthew G. Hill
Costume Design ︎ Lori Meeker
Sond Design ︎ Steve Swift
Puppet Design ︎ Jack Pullman, Morgan Rebane, Mark Royston, & Brian White
Video Design ︎ Dallas Nichols

World Premiere
Rogue Artists Ensemble

An original site-specific, immersive experience based on the book “Eugene Plummer: The Life and Laughter of an Old Californian” which chronicles the life of Eugene who became the namesake for Plummer Park in West Hollywood. Created by Rogue Artists Ensemble this project was led by Sean Cawelti and recieved support from the National Endowmant for the Arts and a great critical and audience response. 

Multiple paths provided each audience member a unique experience. Technology including RFID triggered media and infrared controlled flashlights enhanced the experience and engaged all senses. 

Told through a patchwork of tall-tales, large-scale puppets, masks, music and a cast of 20 actors, Rogue Artists Ensemble electrifies Señor Plummer’s whimsical tales of early Los Angeles in a memory map that reflects back the communities of our modern city. From Señor Plummer’s darkest nightmares, to his most luminous joys, the adventures you encounter are not always friendly, not always logical, but always exist in the vibrant, mysteriously shifting ground at the very heart of Eugene Plummer, the original resident of West Hollywood.

"Highly imaginative...a lively night...All routes culminate in the title’s promised fiesta, by which point you won’t want the adventure to end." LA Times

"Sets the standard for innovative immersive theatre." - Horrorbuzz

Trailer for Señor Plummer’s Final Fiesta

West Hollywood TV’s coverage:

"There’s magic in the making at Plummer Park...The ensemble creates a vibrant, exciting sense of community through the use of puppetry, music, dance, and good old-fashioned storytelling...Señor Plummer’s Final Fiesta is a celebration of family and community, and it’s entertaining as hell. Marvels, magic, and moments brilliance abound. The Rogue Artists Ensemble have created something truly special, a certain source of pride for the whole city. And that’s no tall tale." - Stage Raw

"Entirely charming...Myth bleeds into history as land sharks become literal sharks and widows become totem spirits and back again. Most of Eugenio’s memories have a peppy, dream-like quality. And then there is the nightmare...

It is realized with the same level of fidelity that Rogue’s Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin was executed...

Señor Plummers’ Final Fiesta is the best kind of living history, one that I hope finds a way to become an LA perennial." - No Proscenium