Writer ︎ Bekah Brunstetter
Director ︎ Robin Larsen
Conductor ︎ Andreas Mitisek
Scenic Design ︎ Stephanie Kerley Schwartz
Costume Design ︎ Jocelyn Hublau Parker
Puppet Design ︎ Sean Cawelti
Lighting Design ︎ Martha Carter
Sound Design ︎ Christopher Moscatiello

West Coast Premiere
Rogue Machine Theatre

A virginal Sunday school teacher has a sexual awakening, while across the world, a doctor tries to communicate with an elephant. Sex, faith, and violence intersect in Bekah Brunstetter's Miss Lilly Gets Boned, which is an an exploration of how tenuous and permeable are the boundaries that separate our civilized sides from our more animal ones, and how we continue to destroy the earth that does not belong to us.

For this production I designed and led fabrication on a life size elephant puppet manipulated by three puppeteers. Constructed of foam, Tyvek, paint and other materials, Harold was the emotional core of the performance.

“... Sean Cawelti’s amazing elephant puppet is a design highlight.” - LA Times

“One of the most impressive aspects of the play is Harold’s puppeteer team, led by designer Sean Cawelti. Quinn, who conveys the elephant’s emotions goes deep with his facial expressions, which he pairs smoothly with the gentle control of the elephant trunk. Rachael Caselli and Amir Levi are excellent at maneuvering Harold’s legs and body, portraying a realistic quality to the gentle giant’s gait and grunts..” - Stage Raw

“As for Harold The Elephant himself, Quinn joins fellow puppeteers Rachael Caselli and Amir Levi in bringing Sean Cawelti’s design wizardry to remarkably authentic life.” - Stage Scene LA