HYPERBOLE: origins

Director ︎ Sean Cawelti
Creators ︎ Rogue Artists Ensemble, with special contributions by Sean T. Cawelti,  John Nobori, Nina Silver, Logan Wince and Estela Garcia
Scenic Design ︎ Logan Wince
Video Design ︎ Sean Cawelti
Mark Design ︎ Katie Polebaum, Sean Cawelti
Costume Design ︎ Kerry Hennessy
Sound Design ︎ John Nobori

World Premiere
Rogue Artists Ensemble

A fusion of mask, puppetry and music, HYPERBOLE: origins catapulted audiences into multiple origin stories examaning what links us all. 

LA Weekly Award Nomination for Production of the Year.

GO! A profusion of lighting, sound, videography, puppetry, masks and music, superb production values…expressive masks…imaginative costumes…indispensably animating audio design [and] a terrific seven – person ensemble…As impressive as these technical elements are, they never outrun the stories themselves.”– LA Weekly

“A succession of ingenious mask and puppetry work, set to a soundtrack of alt-pop.”- LA Times

“Very insightful, funny and very “PG”, so bring the family to the Ford. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might actually learn something, but most of all you will be entertained.” – Examiner

” A unique theatrical experience… Though its themes are serious, wondrous, and thought provoking, humor is at the core of this production… cohesive and finely-honed.” – Edge LA