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Wood Boy Dog Fish

Rogue Artists Ensemble


Rogue Artists Ensemble (D Is for Dog, The Gogol Project), under the distinctive hand of director Sean T. Cawelti, applies its signature mixed-media stylings of shadow play, puppets, masks and ritualized movement to their best effect yet. The perfumed flamboyance manages to be simultaneously solemn and goofy, grave yet playful. Their lens may be contemporary, but within that perspective they immerse themselves deeply into fin de siecle bohemian sensibility, conveying a dripping wetness of sweat, smoke and other indiscreet secretions. - Hollywood Reporter

Critic’s Choice Gogol Project – “Sheer staging opulence and ingenuity combining masked performers, digital animation, immersive sound and music, and, of course, diverse styles of puppetry, this spectacular new piece deftly balances flights of whimsy and depths of darkness.”
– LA Times