Director, Video, Puppet and Mask Designer

Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin

Direction and Puppet / Mask Design by Sean Cawelti

Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin is a multi-sensory, immersive, site-specific experience refracting ancient Japanese ghost stories through a modern, multi-cultural lens, revealing the noise of our histories and the silences that haunt us. A small group of twelve enters a room alone, the walls begins to thin, and a dark spirit stirs within you - will you ever escape it?



A THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINING TRIP… part haunted house, part art installation, part performance-art piece... increasingly wondrous… lovingly designed to engage a variety of senses” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

A BEAUTIFUL AND MACABRE WORLD… an impressively detailed experience… I happily recommend this show” — Terry Morgan, Talkin’ Broadway

BRILLIANT… Rogue/EWP have earned a place in one of the weirdest, coolest supernatural monster traditions on the planet… Kaidan is a really good show.” — Eric Larkin, Dwarf & Giant

AMAZING… An utterly fun mash-up of different Japanese ghost stories… One of the best new haunts of SoCal's Halloween season.” — Jonathan Bilski, Things To Do in L.A.

A MASTERPIECE… 10 out of 10…. My mind is still reeling from the experience.” — Patrick Chavis, LA Theatre Bites