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Directing | Devising

Directing | Devising

HYPERBOLE: origins @ Rogue Artists Ensemble

Directing | Devising

Sean has directed over twenty  productions throughout Los Angeles and in Portland and Atlanta. His work exists at the intersection between the old and new; between modern technology and folk traditions such as puppetry and mask work.  As a designer Sean often designs puppets, masks or scenery for the productions he directs and his work is acutely focused on harmoniously integrating visual storytelling, physical and object based performance.  

As founding Artistic Director of Los Angeles' maverick Hyper-theater makers Rogue Artists Ensemble he has been creating devised work for over fifteen years. Some of his directing projects have been based on graphic novels such as Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's The Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy of Mr. Punch as well as on classic literature including Poe, Dickens and Gogol. Of recent note was the Critic's Choice Los Angeles premiere of Wood Boy Dog Fish, an original adaptation of the Pinocchio story, for adults only. 

Sean has been nominated for over a dozen awards for his work as a director, playwright and designer and was the recipient of the prestigious the Sherwood Award from the Center Theater Group.

Songs of Bilitis @ Rogue Artists Ensemble

Theater unbound

Not limited to a stage, Sean has directed large scale happenings, collaborated with city agencies, museums and businesses to create site specific performances from the intimidate to the epic. He has created immersive experiences for formal galas with pop up performances and highly detailed design elements. He has also directed awards shows, arena tours and directed puppet, mask and movement in dozens of projects, not just limited to a traditional theater.

Gogol Project @ Rogue Artists Ensemble

motivating change

As a Director, Sean brings new relevancy and urgency to live theater by embracing the thing that theater can do which no other form can do: be theatrical. Through the use of highly visual storytelling, he brings a wonderment and magic to the act of seeing a live performance, reminding audiences that theater can motivate change and inspire new ways of seeing the world and each other.

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